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Hey, I'm Madison.

I'm a wedding & portrait photographer based in sunny Southern California.

I grew up in Oswego, NY- a small town on the shore of Lake Ontario. We're known for our epic sunsets and gorgeous lake views, as well as our record setting snow falls and winter chills.

I live with my fiance, Dylan, and our pup, Vinny. I believe that strong relationships help make the world a better place. I love watching couples who are in love, which is what makes wedding photography so enjoyable to me, it's a day to celebrate love between two people- it doesn't get more rad than that.

I love to travel. In 2019 Dylan and I traveled across the country in our 1990 RV for six months. It was a wild ride and taught us so much, although if we were to do it again, we'd do it completely differently (you live and you learn, right?). I've been to 34 states and two other countries. 

When I was 18 I opened up a photography studio in my home town. I started my photography career taking senior portraits, and slowly gained clients until I booked my first wedding in 2018. Since then I've photographed over 400 seniors, 20+ weddings, and more clients than I can count.

I love capturing memories and real emotions, some of my favorite photos I've ever taken are candid photos. While I'm photographing I like to use a mixed of posed and prompted photos, I find that the direction allows clients to feel confident while the prompts allow for their natural energy to shine through. My editing style is true to color, bright, and timeless. I believe in enhancing the colors of photographs, allowing their beauty to shine without altering their true color. 


Dylan and I have been together for four years. We met at a nuclear power plant while working together!


We adopted Vinny when he was 27 weeks old from Helping Hounds, a local rescue in Syracuse, NY.


  • I'm a dog person.

  • Pad Thai is my absolute favorite food, I could eat it every day.

  • I prefer tea vs coffee.

  • I'm the oldest of four, I have three younger brothers.

  • I love the Marvel movies.

  • I'm a plant lover, I've had one spider plant since fourth grade, it's still thriving!

  • I'm really good at hula hooping.

  • Anything mint chocolate is my favorite dessert.

  • I'm an Aquarius, Type 9 Enneagram, and INTJ in Myer's Briggs.

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