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Tiffany & Merritt's Couple Photoshoot at Torrey Pines

Tiffany & Merritt made my SoCal photos dreams come true with this session!

After visiting Torrey Pines on my birthday in January, I've been dreaming of doing a shoot there. This place is stunning- the cliffs along the shore, the ocean breeze, and the surprising lack of people (if you go at the right time that is).

I went into this session with a vision and Tiffany and Merritt made it come to life. I met Tiffany through a local Facebook group we are both a part of, I shared my vision of the shoot and she was immediately on board. We chatted about outfits and colors and then met up two weeks later at Torrey Pines.

The weather was a brisk 55 degrees with wind blowing our hair everywhere, but you'd never know it with the way Tiffany and Merritt moved playfully around the beach. It was truly amazing watching them interact in front of the camera, they're naturals, and Tiffany had so many amazing ideas that she led Merritt through.

As the sunset, and we hiked back to our cars, wet & cold, I knew we had some of the most incredible shots I've ever taken. California scenery is no joke, that, mixed with a couple in love, how could I not have gotten beautiful photos?! I'm feeling incredibly grateful to live in such a picturesque place.

Now, I'm counting down the days until I shoot here again...

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