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Vintage -Inspired, Romantic Branding Photoshoot

Chelsea is a love coach. She supports women in attracting their dream man, so of course, we needed to create photographs that encompass the magnetism that she teaches. We setup this backdrop in my living-room on a Wednesday afternoon and began to create magic.

Chelsea's vision included a slight vintage feel to her images, so I played around with covering my lens with plastic wrap to give us that foggy romantic touch. It worked wonderfully, but I most definitely kept laughing about the irony of covering a high quality lens in plastic wrap to purposely make the photos blurry.

As we created, we laughed, chatted. and jumped for joy each time a photo came out even more dreamy than the last.

There's something so fulfilling as a photographer to work on a shoot with a collaborative vision. Chelsea and I both poured so much creativity into this shoot and the photos we created together reflect that.

You can find Chelsea's info here if you're interested in learning more about the work she does!

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